• What are the benefits for the customers in this Plan?

    Customer can get attractive gifts in this plan and the discount amount will be calculated from the 2nd installment as below.

    Installment Amount Principle Amount Discount Amount Total Gift
    500 5500 500 6000 Gift
    1000 11000 1000 12000 Gift
    2500 27500 2500 30000 Gift
    5000 55000 5000 60000 Gift
    10000 110000 10000 120000 Gift
    15000 165000 15000 180000 Gift
  • Can we avail special discounts or festival offers in this Plan?
    Yes, special discounts or festival offers can be clubbed with this Plan benefits.
  • What is the initial payment for this Plan?
    This is a 11 month plan. Customers can start with minimum of 500 or in multiples thereof upto Rs. 15,000 per subscription per month,
  • Should we make payments regularly every month?. What happens if the payments are irregular?
    Yes, The monthly payment should be paid before the last day of the month. Irregular payments are not eligible for complete benefits of the Plan.
  • Do we pay wastage, making charges & GST under this Plan?
    Yes, Wastage, Making charges & GST are applicable in this Plan.
  • Can we get refund as money in this Plan?
    No, Customer can purchase Gold/Diamond/Platinum & Silver jewellery only in this Plan
  • Can we buy gold coins in this plan?
    Yes, you can purchase gold coins also in this plan.
  • As per Government Norms, No jewellery purchase plan can exceed 12 Months in duration. Kindly make your purchase after the completion of 11 months and before 12 months.