• What are the benefits for the customers in this Plan?

    This is a one time payment plan. Customer can buy Gold Jewellery / Diamond / Platinum / Silver Jewellery & Silver articles at 100% without wastage (UNLIMITED) after duration of 8 months. Making charges & GST are applicable on all types of jewellery after duration of plan.

  • What is the initial payment for this Plan?
    Minimum initial payment is Rs. 10,000 or in multiples thereof.Customer’s old jewel (to purity as 22 karat gold).
    22/24 karat Gold bar/Gold coin/Diamond Jewellery& Silver ornaments are also accepted.
    When plan value is of Rs. 2,00,000/- and more customers need to provide KYC documents.
  • When will a customer be able to buy jewellery under this Plan?

    After completion of 8 months & within 12 months of completion of the Plan.

  • What if a customer wants to exit from the Plan before maturity?

    The Customer will loose the Plan benefit. Customer will have to pay wastage charges on purchase of jewellery.
    No old jewels will be returned. The customer can get new jewels only. No refund of cash is allowed.
    Pre-matured Closure – (The customer who joined the Plan with old jewels) will not be eligible for purchase of Gold Coins / 24 kt Bar. They will be eligible to buy jewels only & have to pay wastage and making charges.
  • Can we buy gold coins in this plan?

    Yes, you can purchase gold coins also in this plan. The making charge and GST for Gold coins will be borne by the Company itself.

    Monthly installment payment & Jewellery purchase can be done in all branches. Payment can be made by Cash / Credit Card / Debit Card.
    Online Payment facility available at our website www.avrswarnamahal.com. All online payment service charges are Free! This will be borne by the company
    When plan value is of Rs 2,00,000/- and more customers need to provide KYC documents.