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Golden Fortune

Saving Schemes

About Scheme

  • It is a unique onetime Payment Plan.
  • Minimum initial payment is Rs.10,000 or in multiples thereof. Payment can be made in the form of Cash / Credit Card / Debit Card / PAYTM / RTGS / NEFT / Old jewels / Gold bar (22/24) Gold Coin / Diamonds and Silver also.
  • Old Jewels can be used to commence this plan based on appraiser valuation.
  • Duration of this Plan is 8 months.
  • Avail unlimited 100% no wastage for all Gold, Silver and Diamond jewels.

Terms & Conditions

  • You can obtain delivery of jewel after completion of 8 months and within 12 months of the plan.
  • G.S.T. is applicable to all jewels and for Gold coins G.S.T will be borne by the company.
  • The customer account shall be credited in money value and also in gold weight of 22 karat.
  • On maturity of the Plan’s assured weight paid by the customer could be purchased without wastage, for additional weight the customer has to pay wastage charges.
  • The net weight of customer’s old jewel will be taken into account as payment, after factoring purity of gold in it.
  • The customer must produce pass book on maturity of plan.
  • Customers’ bio metric and photo Id will be taken at the time of enrolment, for the safety of the customer, the same will be verified at the time of maturity to identify the customer.
  • The customer could appoint a nominee of his choice.
  • Some jewels may attract making charges.
  • This jewellery purchase advance is being received for design no. ……. as indicated in the catalogue, on purchasing the jewel the customer can change the design as desired.
  • While purchasing the jewel, no other prevailing discount or offer can be clubbed together.
  • The money and old jewellery received under this Plan, can’t be refunded under any circumstances, only new jewellery could be purchased at the time of maturity.
  • In case of a premature closure of the Plan the benefits cannot be availed.
  • Payment of Rs.2, 00,000/- and above must be supported by PAN CARD/AADHAAR / other tax documents as may be needed.
  • On maturity the jewels can be purchased in any branch at any location of AVR Swarna Mahal Jewellers.
  • The company reserves the right to amend or alter any of the above terms and conditions in accordance with the prevailing norms of Government and Taxation rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the initial payment for this plan?

  • A minimum of Rs. 10,000/- or more.

  • Customer’s old jewel also accepted.

  • 22/24 karat Gold Bar, Gold coin & silver ornaments are also accepted.

  • When investment of Rs. 2, 00,000/- and more Cheque, Credit Card, digital payments are acceptable. Customers has to furnish PAN CARD and AADHAAR details for the same.
  • When will a customer be able to buy jewellery under this Plan?

    After completion of 8 months & within 12 months completion of the plan.

    What is the benefit of investment in Golden Fortune?

    100% Unlimited wastage on all ornaments Gold, Diamonds, Platinum & Silver. The other market players offer only limited wastage on purchase of gold jewels only.

    How will the customer utilize the amount credited in his pass book?

    The payment will be credited in money value as well as in weight of 22k gold, on the basis of that day’s prevailing gold rate. On maturity the customer can choose whichever is more beneficial for them.

    What is the tax liability to customer?

    G.S.T is applicable on all jewels sold under this plan. The G.S.T for gold coin purchase will be borne by the company.

    What if a customer wants to exit from the plan before maturity?

    The customer can avail jewellery subject to the following:

  • No refund of cash is allowed.

  • No old jewels will be returned.

  • The customer will loose the Plan benefit – unlimited wastage.

  • Customer will have to pay wastage charges.
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