In the year 1928, a traditional temple town in Tamil Nadu by name Kumbakonam was well known for its rich heritage of artisans and artifacts. Kumbakonam is popular for gold and silver jewellery. A resident of Kumbakonam dynamic far sighted and a visionary the founder Sri A.V.Ramachandran Chettiar migrated to Salem with big dreams to set up a shop in the name of AVR Kumbakonam silver shop.

The size of the shop was just a mere 10 feet by 10 feet. He used to sit in a shop with a double-headed Annapakshi, which was delicately engraved with pure silver by his side. This was a beautiful beetle box which is always kept by his right side. In those days with less literacy, the Annapakshi became an object to identify the shop and people used to say go to the shop with a double-headed Annapakshi and you will surely get good quality and good designs in jewellery.

The shop flourished and won a lot of arts of the customers for its quality conscious approach and further expanded to become a 600 square feet shop in the year 1935. Sri AR Balakrishnana Chettiar came into the business and continued to develop and foster the trust and goodwill for AVR Kumbakonam silver shop.

1984 was a memorable year because his son Sri A.B.Sudarsanam Chettiar a dynamic visionary with strong business acumen and farsighted business skills expanded the shop into a modern store of 5,000 square feet. It was this store that became a milestone in the jewellery business which set unparalleled examples for the jewellery trade in Salem. It became the first store in India to be a hundred percent KDM shop thereby setting new standards in the jewellery business for quality and trustworthiness.

1997 saw the emergence of the Son Sri A.B.S.Sanjjay Chettiar into the business. This shop also became a hundred percent hallmark showroom in the year 2000. In 2004 history was created and one of the biggest jewellery showrooms with 25,000 square feet was opened in Tamil Nadu at Swarnapuri in Salem with the title “AVR Swarna Mahal Jewellers.”

This was the first showroom in that area at that point of time. The shop creates a new market area in Swarnapuri at Salem.

Today AVR Swarna Mahal Jewellers aims to become a benchmark for the jewellery industry by creating aspirational shopping experiences across south India that will take the brand closer to our privileged customers. We envision the development of a strong regional footprint where every consumer’s dream and desire will be fulfilled through innovative design, quality workmanship and extremely high levels of service.

AVR Swarna Mahal Jewellers is a fifth generation family of jewellers. Who have won more than 60+ awards which include national awards for creating the finest jewellery in persist winning the hearts of millions of customers.

It has the vision to provide a fantastic buying experience, great customer service, and the widest variety of jewellery in all the towns and cities across South India and a mission to sell jewellery as a symbol of celebration of love, joy, and beauty, build lasting value to the customer. Crafting fine jewellery over the decades.