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About Scheme


This is a 11 month plan, you can pay a minimum of Rs. 500,1000,2500,5000 & 10,000.Monthly installment should be paid before every month end.Customer is eligible to buy Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamonds after completion of 11 months with gift & discount benefit.

 11 Months scheme with denominations Rs.500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000 payable monthly.
While joining this Scheme customer gets attractive Gift and the Discount amount will be calculated from the 2nd installment.
 Customer is eligible to buy Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamonds after completion of 11 months with gift & discount benefit.
 Customer can appoint a nominee in this scheme.
 Customer can make payment at any of our branches & at the end of the scheme period they can purchase jewellery at any one of our branches.


Installment AmountPrinciple AmountGiftDiscount AmountTotal
500 5500 250 500 6250
1000 11000 500 1000 12500
2500 27500 1250 2500 31250
5000 55000 2500 5000 62500
10000 110000 5000 10000 125000

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if the payments are irregular?

Monthly installment should be paid regularly before every month end and if irregular payments are made then the monthly “Discount” values will not be entitled for those months.

What happens if I discontinue?

a: Customer has paid 4 installments regularly and if closed before 11 month?

In this case-principle amount only will be entitled to the customer and the gift value will be Deducted from the principle amount.

b: Customer has paid 4 installment regularly and if closed on 12 th month?

In this case-scheme benefit will be applicable for 4 installments along with the gift value.

Do we have to pay wastage, making charge & VAT under this scheme?

Yes, Wastage and making charge along with VAT is applicable in this scheme.

Can we avail special discounts or festival offers in this scheme?

Yes, the benefits are applicable.

Can we get cash back in this scheme?

Purchase of Gold, Diamond and Silver jewellery is only possible and cash cannot be paid back.

Just in case if the customer does not like the gift can it be paid as cash?

No cash cannot be paid back instead the same value can be added with the discount benefit.

How do we pay Installments?

You can pay your installments by CASH/CREDIT/DEBIT CARD/ACH or by MO/DD/AT PAR cheque in the name of "AVR SWARNAMAHAL JEWELRY PRIVATE LIMITED".

Can we pay the Installment by ACH (Automatic Clearing House)?

Yes, you can pay installment by ACH (Automatic Clearing House). Once you agreed to pay by ACH, it will take one month for bank process. Every month on 5th (or) 10th your installment amount will be collected from your bank account directly.